The erosion of justice by the flow of transfer payments

To establish wealth equality by rule of law, governments must sacrifice judicial equality, meaning the rule of law applied evenly to all . . . . Continue reading

Nehemiah’s 5-point covenantal prayer


The 5-point covenant is found throughout Scripture. That’s why it’s called the biblical covenant model. Nehemiah’s prayer is a perfect example. Continue reading

If logic can’t be used to justify reason, can an appeal to irrationality?

kantian noumenalism

Philosophers debate the nature of reality and its link to knowledge. They exclude the Christian explanation from their considerations. The result is chaos. Logic can’t justify its own existence. If being logical can’t explain reason, maybe we should embrace being illogical? Let’s see how that works out. . . . Continue reading

Reason alone is incapable of rationally justifying its own existence

fractals in nature

People are committed to basic beliefs (called presuppositions) which they have not necessarily proven, and yet they interpret all of reality in terms of those presuppositions. They cannot function in this world without first assuming these basic beliefs. Continue reading

How do we go about determining truth and knowledge? Classical problems with no earthly answers.


Historically, there have been three areas of philosophy that philosophers have debated over, and these areas can be illustrated with three questions: what is the nature of reality (metaphysics); how do we know what we know (epistemology); and what is the proper way to live (ethics). Continue reading

A Conversation With an Unbeliever

destroy foundations

The following conversation is inspired by true events — mostly conversations with unbelievers on Facebook. It’s not representative of any single person, but it’s a combination of many different conversations distilled into one that’s representative of the general content of the unbeliever’s arguments and reasoning process.  Continue reading

Is the conspiracy view of history Biblical?


Conspiracies: should we believe in them, or not? Does Scripture? Continue reading