Superstitious Scientists

An evolutionary biologist has determined that religion, especially the “Abrahamic religions,” are superstitions. But there’s a flaw in his analysis. Continue reading


[image] Disputations on the Judicial Laws of Moses book cover by American Vision

The idea that the civil government should enforce the Ten Commandments and other Old Testament laws, like those that outlaw adultery and abortion, is repudiated by modern humanistic society. On this point, the Church and the atheists are in alliance.

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False dichotomy: faith vs. fact

Man looking at paper from

Everyone has a worldview, and every worldview consists of an underlying network of unprovable presuppositions.  Continue reading

Defending the Christian worldview against a Harvard-educated evolutionary biologist

Lion poised

Jerry Coyne is an evolutionary biologist who holds his Ph.D. from Harvard University. He is an atheist who speaks out against creationism, theistic evolution, and theism, widely and loudly proclaiming the incompatibility of faith with science. Continue reading

The breakup of Baptist culture in the American South


Cities in the South are now selling alcohol on Sunday. What do you think this means? Continue reading

A case of spontaneous human combustion in 2015 in Germany

spontaneous human combustion in germany

There’s been a case of spontaneous human combustion reported in Germany.

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The effect of Christian creeds on civilization


Do ideas shape society, and if so, how? If you don’t know how to answer the question, “Do you understand the basic connections between Christian creeds and civilization?” then this article might help you get started. . . . Continue reading