Contradictions in old-earth dating methods

radiometric dating grand canyon The story is often wrongly presented that there are no holes in the old-earth radiometric dating data. That’s because the contradictions are cleverly concealed by those reporting the data. Consider the textbook examples given in this article. Continue reading

Improper use of biblical symbolism – an example

four humors as bowls of red, green, black, and yellow fluid - attributed to

To understand whether one’s application of biblical theology and its techniques of biblical symbolism are legitimate, it helps to see an example of what bad symbolism looks like. Here, we look at a medieval Catholic priest’s analysis of what beards symbolize.  Continue reading

Biblical symbolism – when is it taken too far?

cover of biblical theology by geerhardus vos

Trees as symbols of men. The old covenant high priest as a picture of the redeemed man, dressed as a pomegranate tree. The tabernacle as the body of Christ, literally and figuratively. This is biblical symbolism, but can it be taken too far?  Continue reading

The One and the Many – Practical examples of this conflict from all areas of life

the one and the many image

The one and the many is a classical philosophical struggle that goes back to the most ancient of times. Which idea takes supremacy: the one, or the many? Which should we strive for: unity, or diversity? The problem’s still with us: politics, writing styles, religion, economics, and more. Even Star Wars. Here are some modern examples that show how this unresolved dilemma still plagues us today. Continue reading

The erosion of justice by the flow of transfer payments

To establish wealth equality by rule of law, governments must sacrifice judicial equality, meaning the rule of law applied evenly to all . . . . Continue reading

Nehemiah’s 5-point covenantal prayer


The 5-point covenant is found throughout Scripture. That’s why it’s called the biblical covenant model. Nehemiah’s prayer is a perfect example. Continue reading

If logic can’t be used to justify reason, can an appeal to irrationality?

kantian noumenalism

Philosophers debate the nature of reality and its link to knowledge. They exclude the Christian explanation from their considerations. The result is chaos. Logic can’t justify its own existence. If being logical can’t explain reason, maybe we should embrace being illogical? Let’s see how that works out. . . . Continue reading