Why hard work doesn’t necessarily pay


Minimum wage laws have been in the news lately. The talk is on raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Political slogans are invoked: “Living Wage.” Continue reading

Christian theologians: slaves to men


They have let us down. . . .  Continue reading

Belated movie review: The Lion King


The Lion King is a good movie, and its success and enjoyment should be credited not to the thin veneer of eastern philosophy woven throughout the film, but rather to the Christian themes that its most critical moments and lessons are built on. Continue reading

If atheism were true, science would be impossible


We value scientific knowledge as the best and highest form of knowledge. A recent article written for National Geographic explained that “in this bewildering world we have to decide what to believe and how to act on that. In principle that’s what science is for.” But is science reliable? Continue reading

Starlight and Time Dilation in God’s Universe

starlight time and the new physics

Time dilation in God’s universe – it’s real. GPS, for example, wouldn’t work if we didn’t understand it. Continue reading

2 Important Symbols of Liberty – One is already gone, but they’re incapable of taking the other

gold eagle

A video recently caught the attention of social media and liberal media outlets. It is pro-gun-control. A hidden camera crew set up a fake gun store in New York City and filmed customer reactions to stories of tragedies involving irresponsible gun use. The video does a good job of pulling the emotional heart strings. It employs rhetoric. But it runs short on logic.

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Contradictions in old-earth dating methods

radiometric dating grand canyon The story is often wrongly presented that there are no holes in the old-earth radiometric dating data. That’s because the contradictions are cleverly concealed by those reporting the data. Consider the textbook examples given in this article. Continue reading