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$222 Trillion – Why government default is inevitable

People (politicians) say “the government is going to go bankrupt if we don’t do something soon!” Even Paul Ryan, vice-presidential candidate, at the Republican National Convention on Wednesday night (8/29/2012) said “We don’t have much time.”

But here’s what’s really going on. Continue reading


Women Waging War Against The Lord

Protesting restrictions on murder at the RNC

As this news article reports, a hoard of walking vaginas has descended upon the Republican National Convention.

These are women dressed as vaginas, protesting, generally, the pro-life position (and no-doubt spurred by senatorial candidate Akin’s recent comments and media snafu). They take offense at “men” who are legislating against their bodies. It’s akin to saying “Since you don’t have a vagina, you shouldn’t be allowed to make rules against those who do.”

They misunderstand the issue. Continue reading

A Brief History of AIDS

City on a hill

Everyone knows what AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is. But not everyone may be familiar with its history. They may also not know this: it is perhaps the nation’s only politically protected disease. [1] Continue reading

Schizophrenia or Possession?

Michael Schofield and his daughter, January

Fox News recently ran an article about a girl who, by age 3, was precocious and disturbed. As the article says, “her parents had to keep her visually stimulated around the clock just to keep the screaming at bay. As she grew older, the Schofields noticed their daughter was also brilliant. By 3 years old, she could read and calculate multiplication and division in her head.”

The editor of the article titled it “Real vs. imaginary,” and though they report the tale of a little girl contracting a rare disease that is only mildly treated by a cocktail of powerful drugs, I think there could be something more sinister at play.

Things got worse:

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The Mysterious Death of Arius


You have perhaps heard of Arianism. It’s probably most famous today because of its association with Hitler and Nazi Germany. But who exactly was Arius? Knowing a little background of his life and his time period really makes his death much more interesting — maybe moreso than you have ever thought, if you know any of the details at all. Continue reading

UPDATE: Bible Study Arrest – Pink pajamas, 145 degree heat, and hard time in the chain gang

Do you remember the story of Michael Salman, who was fined $12,000 for hosting Bible studies in his Arizona house? Here is an update on his status since then. Just how bad was his offense? Very bad, evidently.

This is a cautionary tale about how bad things can get when men are left to their own whims to construct laws of their own making, without restraint: Continue reading

Why Christians need to understand the Five-Point Biblical Covenant model

Moses and the Book of the Covenant

There are four institutions established in the Bible: the individual; the family; the church; and the state. Each of these institutions has a relationship with God that is described by His covenant with them.

Christians today are generally unfamiliar with the concept of a covenant, and they are also unfamiliar with the importance of God’s covenantal relationship with these four institutions. This article provides a brief summary and outline of them. Continue reading