Marriage Culture Clash – There is no neutrality

“Neutrality” is a myth, and this truth of the matter has been made abundantly clear by the very public battle that has erupted over Chick-Fil-A’s recent public confession that they affirm marriage by the only ethical standard that exists: that of the triune God of Christianity.

As one writer said, this is really about Jesus.

Chick Fil A

Right on cue with the interview given by Chick-Fil-A CEO Dan Cathy have come, up from the abyss, the wailing and gnashing of teeth of atheists and humanists and misinformed Christians alike. The Jim Henson company announced immediately afterward that it was cutting ties with Chick-Fil-A and donating the service fees it collected to gay-rights groups. The liberal mayors of Boston and Chicago made very public statements denouncing the company’s position, and they are trying to ban the company from opening stores in their cities.

Now, if neutrality were true — it isn’t — what would a neutral response have looked like?

Maybe those who disagree would simply have not said anything at all: no public condemnation by mayors, no severing of business ties by business partners. The Jim Henson Company could have just said “Well, we disagree with you, but we’ll keep it neutral. No use letting our personal feelings ruin our business relationship.”

But they can’t do this. They can’t “keep it neutral.” Besides, why would they want to? “Neutrality” is their invention; it’s the ultimate appeal to intellect and rationality against unsuspecting Christians that all but guarantees their foot in the door. This was also Satan’s tactic with Adam and Eve: “Hath God said?”

It is deliberate.


Once their foot is in the door, they can keep the door propped open just wide enough to let their friends in after them, one by one, slowly but surely. Quietly and unsuspectingly they capture the hierarchies of authority in their climb to the levers of power. Once they capture the levers of power, they are free to throw all pretenses of neutrality out the door. Their real game is revealed: nothing but complete destruction of the Christian worldview and its adherants will be acceptable.

Does this sound too crazy to be true? Consider the following statement from liberal agnostic Sally Quinn, a writer for the Washington Post, in her column titled “Chick-fil-A day: Don’t boycott. Infiltrate.“:

Gays and lesbians could start applying for jobs at Chick-fil-A. Get in there. Become managers, take over the places.  Gays could begin patronizing Chick-fil-As and I don’t mean carry out. Make the restaurants the gay hangouts of the community.   Gay partners and Married gays could begin taking their children there. They could start having birthday parties for their kids. They could have Gay pride events there. (They have an events manager – just call)  They could even have gay weddings there.

[This is practically the same technique liberals used to infiltrate the Presbyterian church. You can read about that in Crossed Fingers: How the liberals captured the Presbyterian Church.]

If you still disagree with this premise, consider “neutrality” from a Christian’s point of view: we are naive to this game’s purpose, so we play it because we are trying to be good Christians — which means what, by the way? Not offending anyone? Did Jesus offend no one? He’s still offending people. Let’s consider a hypothetical:

Atheists announce that they support gay marriage. They want to pass laws that allow it. Okay, we think, this conflicts with our beliefs, but let’s be neutral about this. What harm can come from it? God knows peoples’ hearts, afterall; it’s no concern of ours what the government allows. And yea, we suppose it’s good for everyone to be treated fairly; that’s what smart people tell us. Very smart men have come to these conclusions. (Christian men? No one ever asks.)

The result? We cede cultural territory to those who hate God and His righteousness. This process plays out over and over, for hundreds of years. Slowly but surely, the cultural landscape is transformed.

At some point, once their power has grown sufficiently, they stop being kind and go on the attack to outlaw the “barbaric” beliefs of those who chose to stand aside and give them the power in the first place. “Neutrality” becomes them forcing their beliefs down our throats — like using the force of government to force Christian businesses to purchase healthcare plans for their employees that include free abortions.

“Sorry, suckers. Enjoy.”

They redefine marriage using the coercive power of the government: the Christian idea of marriage is wrong. If your concept of marriage doesn’t include gay marriage, it’s wrong, and we will use the coercive power of the government to intervene and “correct” this issue where possible. If not everywhere right now, then some day soon.

Wrong? I thought we were being neutral? There’s no “right” and “wrong” in neutrality…

They go on the attack, publically condemning anyone who should dare confess such a contrary belief to theirs. They try to use the power of government to inflict economic harm on those who disagree with the “proper, progressive” views of marriage.

Public condemnation? Economic punishment for merely expressing our beliefs? I thought we were being neutral? This sounds more like suppression than “tolerance” to me.


Think through this mental exercise: if a Christian mayor announced the same thing as the Boston and Chicago mayors, do you think the Federal Government would just stay out of it?

No, because it would be illegal for a Christian to do such a thing. This is codified by the US EEOC: Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. It’s also a First Amendment right. Now, if “equal employment opportunities” are truly a “guaranteed right” in this country, and it is illegal to make laws “abridging the freedom of speech,” where is the announcement of the Attorney General’s office that they are launching an immediate investigation into the governments of the mayors of Boston and Chicago for interfering in Chik-Fil-A’s business and violating the law? This could cost the company millions in undue fees brought on by political discrimination.

There is none because “equality” is a myth. Neutrality is a myth. It’s time for Christians to wake up, quit being played the fool by silver-tongued humanists, and reclaim our culture. Jesus demands this of us. “He who is not with Me is against Me; and he who does not gather with Me scatters.” (Matthew 12:30)

Christians must stop being naive and re-engage with culture.  It’s not a question of “neutral” laws, it’s a question of whose laws. We can either rule by the laws God gives us, which are good and righteous, or we can be ruled by the laws unregenerate man fashions and re-fashions in his mind — which becomes increasingly darkened in his prolonged separation from God (Ephesians 4:17-18).  If we choose the latter, they will try to oppress us out of existence. This is Satan’s desire.

Maybe this incident, and others like it to come, will serve as wake-up calls to get back into the battle. We must remember that there is an absolute standard of morality, and it is the one God defines. Unregenerate men hate God’s standards of morality. Even if we try to abide the desires of those who hate God, they will pass laws that make it illegal for us to uphold the commandments God has given us. God will still hold us responsible as he patiently lets us fill up our cup of wrath.

Because of this, Jesus warned His disciples, and that warning still applies to us. But He also gave us hope:

But you will be betrayed even by parents and brothers and relatives and friends, and they will put some of you to death, and you will be hated by all because of My name. Yet not a hair of your head will perish. By your endurance you will gain your lives. (Luke 21:16-19)


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