A Brief History of AIDS

City on a hill

Everyone knows what AIDS (acquired immunodeficiency syndrome) is. But not everyone may be familiar with its history. They may also not know this: it is perhaps the nation’s only politically protected disease. [1]

It was discovered in 1981 in a cluster of gay men from Los AngelesSan Francisco, and New York. While the CDC was looking for a name, the media coined the original name for AIDS:

GRID: gay-related immunodeficiency disease.

Political pressure forced government scientists to name the disease “AIDS”.


Before the outbreak was discovered in 1981, a church in San Francisco hired a member of the church to be the organist. After being hired, the organist told the pastor that he was gay. The church fired him, and the man sued. After spending $100,000 on the defense, the courts ruled in favor of the church. [2] Afterwards, the church was vandalized continuously, and eventually someone tried to burn the church down.

The organist was fired in 1978. The pastor wrote a book describing the attempted firebomb attacks called When The Wicked Seize A City.


———— REFERENCES ———————————————-

[1] Gary North, Dominion and Common Grace (Tyler, TX: Institute for Christian Economics, 1987) p. 166.

[2] Idem.


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