Women Waging War Against The Lord

Protesting restrictions on murder at the RNC

As this news article reports, a hoard of walking vaginas has descended upon the Republican National Convention.

These are women dressed as vaginas, protesting, generally, the pro-life position (and no-doubt spurred by senatorial candidate Akin’s recent comments and media snafu). They take offense at “men” who are legislating against their bodies. It’s akin to saying “Since you don’t have a vagina, you shouldn’t be allowed to make rules against those who do.”

They misunderstand the issue.

They believe their bodies are their own; they think the babies that they want to murder are their own.

They are wrong. God owns everything, including us. When a woman becomes pregnant, God is entrusting a young soul to her care. God said “Thou shalt not kill.” He was specific: people shall not take matters into their own hands. They shall not become judge, jury, and executioner all in one. Not only that, God demands capital punishment only for certain crimes; short-sighted selfishness is not one of them. This He classifies as murder.

Only God possesses the legal monopoly over killing. Murder is an attack against God because man is made in God’s image. God extracts vengeance by lex talionis: eye for an eye; life for a life. (Exodus 21:24) Over 60 million babies have been murdered legally since 1973 in America. We can expect judgment for this in God’s good time. Be it by physical death or killing by conversion, God will act.

[Let’s pray that He will extract His vengeance by slaying millions to sin through conversion to Christianity in a sustained revival.]

These protesters falsely believe they are waging war against male politicians who are trying to legislate against their bodies. In truth, they are waging a war against the Lord by demanding that God’s representatives legalize murder (or, more accurately, demanding that they not make murder illegal) — which God strictly prohibits. They are asserting that their judgment supercedes that of the Lord.

They should repent from this viewpoint and recognize that abortion is murder, and it is never okay to legalize murder. Because of our permissiveness, we have allowed our country to legislate the worst genocide in history — one that remains ongoing.

Click here to read the full article at Hollywood Reporter.


6 responses to “Women Waging War Against The Lord

  1. studentdilemmas

    I hold a different opinion, because I’m not a Christian. But I think the main problem with what Akin was saying and the reason it’s caused such a stir is because it is almost accusing women for getting pregnant after ‘legitimate rape’. That’s why the spark for pro-choice activists has surged up, he’s done his cause more harm than good saying misogynistic things like that!

    • Yes, he fumbled his remarks. I think the position he intended to take was that abortion is always wrong because it’s murder; however, to say this as a politician you must be ready to answer the person who says “So what about women who are raped and get pregnant as a result?” He wasn’t really prepared for that, or he lost his nerve. Either way, he tried to play politics. He probably knew that taking the position that women who get raped should not be allowed to have abortions would sink his campaign, so I think he tried to take a fuzzy path through the controversy by putting together an obfuscated, less coherent position and got caught using poor word choices like “legitimate.” This changed the entire discussion. Children are a blessing, despite the circumstances of their conception — however immediately horrible it may seem. Things get better. The open letter to Akin from Shauna Prewitt testifies to this.

      Thanks for commenting.

  2. studentdilemmas

    That’s very true, he did just make a mistake with his choice of words at the end of the day. I wrote a short piece on the difficulties of abortion recently, but since researching and discussing the issue with so many other people, I’m finding so many of my own views contradicted! I wrote it originally after hearing Akin, and must admit what he said angered me so made me write certain things in the same vain as how these protesting women reacted. I do believe in everything I’ve written, but can see now that there are many things that are more shaded than the black and white statements I originally made. If you could give it a read and let me know what you think, I’d really appreciate it 🙂 http://bit.ly/NkUcyc

    • The graphic reality that you discuss is true — another reason for a pregnant mother to put her faith in the Lord instead of taking matters into her own hands. But you should also consider this: aborting babies that we can tell in advance will have birth defects is nothing more than the latest form of eugenics. It is no different than what Hitler attempted to do in purging one race from the face of the earth to promote the rise of a different race. Allowing a mother to abort her child because she thinks, today, that it will be just a bad memory produced by an “evil” act means you must have a definition of evil. Who defines evil? You? Someone else? A politician? A committee of politicians? God’s standard is the only absolute standard of morality by which you can judge individual acts to be “evil.” If you try to go around Him, you are left with moral relativism that depends on whomever is currently making the rules. This inevitably delivers the culture into collapse and probably millions of people into Hell.

  3. studentdilemmas

    So true, I’d never looked at it in the way of it being an act of a similar calibre to what the Nazis were doing! But yeah, I totally agree that no one can make the decision of whether someone else’s life is worth living or not, just because they have a disability of some kind. Thanks for the response, given me a lot to think about 🙂

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