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Sexual deviancy atop the world’s pyramids of power


Dominique Strauss-Kahn (DSK) is the former managing director of the IMF, a multi-national agency that tries to direct global economic policy. One of its goals is to “reduce poverty around the world.” In layman’s terms, it tries to do this by taking money from wealthy countries and giving it to tyrannical foreign dictators in third-world countries. Continue reading


QE3, the Bible, and Economics, Part 3 – Free Market Economics

The Free Market Economy

In the previous essay I described the function of money as being a transmitter of value through time and space. You and I see this function manifested through the price mechanism of the free-market economy. Continue reading

QE3, the Bible, and Economics, Part 2 – Economics 101, But Not As Taught In School

Gold and money - sometimes they are the same

This essay is Part 2 in a series that deals with the ethical link between economic policy and God’s blessings and curses. The previous essay laid the foundation of the moral corruption that’s responsible for our present economic and social policies. This essay provides some Bible-based economic background to build you a framework for understanding economic cause-and-effect. Continue reading

QE3, the Bible, and Economics, Part 1 – A More Thorough Discussion

Chairman of the Fed, representative of the Big Banks

On September 13, 2012 the Federal Reserve announced that it would start creating $40 billion out of thin air each month to buy mortgages until the labor market improves “substantially.” Some people have nicknamed the policy “QEternity.Continue reading

QE3 – A Biblical Perspective

Gold Climbs After QE3

Today Ben Bernanke, Chairman of the Federal Reserve Board of Governors, announced QE3. Stock markets went wild. This was the big one they were all waiting on.

Here’s what happened, and what it means for you: Continue reading

What worldview does The Dark Knight Rises promote?

The Dark Knight Rises

Everyone has a worldview. Christians should have a Biblical worldview. Unfortunately, most today do not. Even though we do not all take philosophy classes in college, watching any modern movie is basically like sitting through two hours of a college philosophy class — but worse.

It’s worse because we tend to go into a movie with the idea of relaxing: turning our brains off and letting ourselves be entertained. As a result, we let the movies get into our heads and our hearts. We think it’s just good fun, but as Christians, is that really Godly behavior? What are the risks?

Maybe this is something you don’t want to think about at all. If so, perhaps you already know the answers.

A movie like The Dark Knight Rises promotes a particular worldview. Click this link to listen to the guys at American Vision discuss this interesting topic.

Batman’s worldview is Existential. But does the filmmaker remain true to his existential worldview, or does he break from it? Is the ending consistent with an existential worldview, or does it perhaps borrow from the Christian worldview? What does it say about the director’s own beliefs?

Click the link below to listen to the analysis:

A Common Historical Myth – Perpetrated Since 1830 In A School Near You

The history of culture and the influence of popular myths

There’s been a myth and hoax perpetrated in our public school systems for over a hundred years. This hoax is widely acknowledged by historical scholars as one of the “hardiest errors in teaching.”

And yet it remains doggedly with us. It infects even modern history books, the so-called “scholarly works” that consist of hundreds of pages of drama, romance, politics, and religion that document the historical foundations of our world. Was it taught to you as well? See if the following story sounds familiar to you: Continue reading