What worldview does The Dark Knight Rises promote?

The Dark Knight Rises

Everyone has a worldview. Christians should have a Biblical worldview. Unfortunately, most today do not. Even though we do not all take philosophy classes in college, watching any modern movie is basically like sitting through two hours of a college philosophy class — but worse.

It’s worse because we tend to go into a movie with the idea of relaxing: turning our brains off and letting ourselves be entertained. As a result, we let the movies get into our heads and our hearts. We think it’s just good fun, but as Christians, is that really Godly behavior? What are the risks?

Maybe this is something you don’t want to think about at all. If so, perhaps you already know the answers.

A movie like The Dark Knight Rises promotes a particular worldview. Click this link to listen to the guys at American Vision discuss this interesting topic.

Batman’s worldview is Existential. But does the filmmaker remain true to his existential worldview, or does he break from it? Is the ending consistent with an existential worldview, or does it perhaps borrow from the Christian worldview? What does it say about the director’s own beliefs?

Click the link below to listen to the analysis:



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