A joke that portrays the endless foolery of bureaucrats

A vision of a city reclaimed by nature, post-man, from movie FF7: Advent Children

There is a joke that is passed around the Internet through emails about an engineer who had to deal with the bureaucrats the Obama administration sent to save the auto industry. The bureaucrats were requesting a car that runs on electricity and liquid natural gas and would travel over 500 miles, citing battery stats and BTU data they had read on some web site.

The engineer proceeded to tell the bureaucrats about the difficulties required to achieve this. They would need a car with a trunk full of batteries and a liquid natural gas tank as big as the car itself. As the engineer then proceeded to talk about the difficulties imposed by the laws of physics, he was interrupted by a bureaucrat who said “These laws of physics? Whose rules are those? We need to change that.”

Now, this is a funny joke, but it highlights a very real problem.


These are the same people in charge of regulating the EPA, the nuclear industry, the Department of Education, and so on. Everyone imagines the bureaucratic “experts” in charge at the top to be geniuses capable of super-human feats of planning and management — that they possess exhaustive knowledge of all pertinent facts and omnipotent foresight.

It’s the same false-premise that eventually fails all centrally-controlled, centrally-planned governments. They’re likened to the foolish man who built his house on a foundation of sand instead of on a foundation of rock. (Matthew 7:24-27)

Now, this joke’s story isn’t actually true. Dr. Cole, the engineer commonly cited in the joke, didn’t meet with Obama’s taskforce. His real story is as follows:

“The comments related to the ‘laws of physics’ came from a discussion I had a number of years ago with several congressmen who said that we should pass a new 2nd law of thermodynamics.”

Link: http://www.snopes.com/politics/obama/physics.asp


Though the story isn’t true, it adequately demonstrates the growing tendency of our politicians to delude themselves. As the national deficits grow, so does the state’s delusion of ultimate power. More and more, the state grows into a far-reaching bureaucracy in its quest to centralize all power and set itself up as the messianic savior of mankind.

It’s merely an outward reflection of the haughtiness and hubris that lives within the darkened hearts of unregenerate, fallen mankind. It’s a sophisticated outgrowth from a very basic sin: idolatry.

The President goes to war without Congress’s approval. He passes Executive Orders that allow for the assassination of American citizens without the right of due process. Bureaucrats tell us just how much water our toilets are allowed to flush (1.6 gallons, and no more).

Next year, they will destroy our dishwashers by legislating the maximum water allowed to be used per load to 5 gallons, down from 6.5 gallons — a 25% decrease.


We will all have lifetime financial support in retirement. We will all have unlimited medical support in our old age. We will police the world and conform all nations to our image. The State will heal our lame, it will solve our social problems, it will cure poverty, and it will provide justice for all — free of charge. Not even the laws of the universe can restrain the power of our unlimited abilities to reason our way into any solution.

There will be bread and circuses for all!

The Great Default is coming. It will be a great relief and will return much of our liberties that the state has absorbed, but it will bring pain and a period of adjustment to do so. You can start preparing now to make this transition easier on yourself. You can learn more by clicking here.


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