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In Europe, politicians are trying to steal from private checking accounts to fund bankrupt banks

Island nation of Cyprus

People don’t want to believe that government politicians would willingly sacrifice innocent citizens on the altar of “Progress” in pursuit of ideological plans, but it’s happening before our eyes in Europe today: Continue reading


Forming new covenants – a recreation of the world

Formless and void

In the Bible, God often uses cosmic re-creation imagery when describing the forming of covenants. In this article I will explore the link between Noah’s flood and the description of cosmic creation. Continue reading

What are the Last Days spoken of in the New Testament?

trodden grapes

You may have asked yourself “What are the last days?” To understand them, consider a situation in which you receive a Facebook message from a friend. In it, he writes “You have lied and cheated and stolen in order to amass your wealth, but all you have managed is to build up your bank account in the last days!” Continue reading