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Eternal Election, by which God has predestined some to salvation, others to destruction

Man is morally responsible. Thanks to Reformed Memes Daily for the picture.

The title of this article is that of Book 3, Chapter XXI of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Right off the bat, he confirms for his readers what most people find abhorrent: God has chosen before the foundation of the world those who receive salvation and those whom he has predestined for eternal destruction.  Continue reading


The 3 basic things that make modern mass warfare possible

Do you know what they are? The textbooks praise them…but should you? Continue reading

What does the Bible say about infant baptism?

Pouring water

What does the Bible say about infant baptism? One of the reasons there is so much conflict over this matter is that the Bible doesn’t provide a specific command: thou shalt baptize your babies. But, knowing how we, in our utter depravity, can twist even the clearest meanings of Scripture into contorted perversions (“Thou shalt not steal” except by majority vote….That’s okay, right?), having a specific command probably wouldn’t help clarify this matter as much as we think. Continue reading