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The lie that Christians should “judge not” – A short and summary dismissal of this humanistic infection


“Don’t judge me!” How often do you hear “Judge not!” when you condemn someone’s behavior? Maybe you have heard it so often that you no longer condemn anyone’s behavior to their face. Unbelievers of all kinds think they can shame you into disobeying your Lord by using his words against you. That’s because you don’t understand what his words mean. They know how to manipulate you. Continue reading


What your college and seminary professors, and probably your church, will never tell you about studying the Bible

Professor Amy-Jill Levine, Reverend. James Jordan

To make sense of the Bible’s historical narratives and the Book of Revelation (to say the least), you must be familiar with Biblical symbolism. To understand Biblical symbolism, you must go all the way back to Genesis, Chapter 1, when the symbolism was revealed in its most simple form. From there, it is developed steadily, chapter by chapter, line by line, into much more complex forms. Continue reading

The thing that turns young people away from Christianity in college

spitting water

A short, informative article was posted here that reports on a study performed on college campuses across the nation. Their purpose: to find out why so many young Christians lose their faith in college. Their strategy for doing so: they asked them. Continue reading

Of women, wells, and husbands: Isaac and Rebekah at the well

Rivers and trees

A recurring theme in the Bible is one of marriage covenants being made by a well. Why is this? It’s not coincidence, so we should ask What is it that Scripture wants us to know about this common occurrence. Let’s first take a look at a few of these cases. Continue reading

Discovery of ancient artifacts from the siege against Jerusalem in AD 70

pottery in ancient Israel

A famine struck the city of Jerusalem when it was laid seige by the Romans in AD 70, and 2000-year-old evidence of it has been found by the Israel Antiquities Authority according to this Fox News article. The artifacts are cooking pots and an oil lamp, hidden down in a cistern where the owners probably tried to eat what little food they had in secret. Continue reading