More false hopes from scientists that we can grow bone claws and break the laws of physics

Artist rendition of a new planet

Here’s another news story about the possibility of life on distant planets. These pop up every so often. It was posted at

This article opens by musing that “Our everyday concerns — what’s for dinner, what to update on Facebook — seem small when we consider that there’s a whole universe out there where other life may exist.”

Right. There are bigger concerns, such as suppressing the truth in unrighteousness…and squashing that nagging doubt in your conscience that goes with it.

The article says there could be life on this new planet. Right, there could be life on that planet like there could be $1 billion in the unopened card from a family member that you just received, but have yet opened, for your birthday.


Pagans looks to the stars for a couple of reasons. They look to find evidence that can disprove the Bible (ironically). And they also look to find proof that will validate another aspect of their worldview: what evolved Man might look like.

Modern Western culture has been consumed by the evolutionary worldview since Darwin’s writings in the 1800s. It rang in harmony with liberal-progressive politics and pietous, culture-retreating Christians.

The religion of evolution is a modern take on the ancient “chain of being” religion. To imagine the Chain of Being religion, think of a vertical line. Sitting up top is God. Down at the very bottom is the most primitive form of existence.

Indian totem poles are representative of this.

If you turn this model onto its side, you can see how this plays out in the religion of evolution.

At the very lefthand side (bottom of being) is the pond scum, the detestable filth that sprang forth to life (somehow) in some cosmic slurry at the bottom of a primordial void way back at the beginning of history.

In the middle is where Man currently resides. He has come so far from his humble beginnings as green slime.

At the very right-hand side (top) is where man is going — where he is evolving towards. That’s the wonder with which pagan man turns his speculations towards the stars.


Aliens, therefore, are what man can potentially become. He imagines alien civilizations that have advanced technology that allows them to break the laws of physics as we currently understand them. What wonderous features might man evolve in the future? What untapped potential lies locked-up in our genes that has yet to be awakened? Or what awesome new mutations might we suffer that gives us new powers?

Mind control? Levitation? Eye lasers? Skin that turns into camoflage? Skin that becomes hard as metal? Bone claws that come out of our hands? The power to steal another person’s energy just by touching them? Fire breath?

The goal in evolutionary religion is power, and that is where man is moving: forward. Aliens are more powerful because they are further along in their evolutionary progress than we are. We hope to overcome them some day.

In the ancient forms, instead of moving forward man moves up — into either mysticism (irrationalism) or total enlightenment (rationalism). The ancient Eastern religions are of the first kind, and the ancient Greeks and Western civilization are of the latter.

Regardless, the goal of man is to become god. God is not separate from creation, but rather a part of it.

As Sutton put it, “God is a part of creation. Man, who is somewhere in the middle of the continuum, is god in another ‘form.’ In other words, god is
just a ‘super’ man, and man is not a god … yet!” [That You May Prosper, p.37]


But all of this hope and excitement crumbles against the rock of reality. At the article’s end, the truth comes out.

After enduring 1100 words, there are three tiny paragraphs tucked under a heading that, in an almost contradiction of the article’s headline, asks “But do they really have life?”

The article admits that, actually, the newly discovered planets are so far away that we can’t even determine what their atmospheres are made of. Is there oxygen there? Don’t know.

“Whether the planets are actually habitable would be pure speculation,” Seager said. “There’s currently no way to observe surface liquid water (our habitability requirement) or even infer the presence of surface liquid water.”

But just because we don’t know anything doesn’t mean we can’t still hope and wonder. Who knows what glorious ideas about our origins and final judgment our vain imaginations can come up with! The possibilities are endless. Anything is possible!

Anything, that is, except the truth of the Bible. “Regardless of how much we don’t know, we all know that that’s obviously untrue.”


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