Nudity and Haunted Houses – A Terrifying Combination, Part 2 of 4

blood dripping

This article is Part 2 in a series of articles about the Biblical link between nakedness, blood, and monsters. It attempts to explain the fascination we have with haunted houses and, particularly in this case, co-ed nude haunted houses. This article is about the theology of blood.

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The Theology of Blood

Man is covenantally linked to blood.2 He requires God’s blood, shed by Christ on the cross, to atone for his sins by covering him in the blood of the lamb. He is first washed clean in Christ’s blood through the sacrament of baptism (1 John 1:7), and then he ingests the body and blood of Christ in an act of covenant renewal during the sacrament of Communion. (Luke 22:19-20) But these acts are covenantal, not literal or merely symbolic. They are mysteries that we don’t fully understand.

If man rejects Christ, then he may seek blood atonement elsewhere in counterfeit covenants. He may turn to animal blood (as serial killers tend to do in childhood), but eventually he seeks to shed the blood of his fellow man in his pursuit of self-atonement.

Sutton notes that if people don’t actually participate in true-blue cannibalism in their quest for blood atonement, they’ll find some way to do so either symbolically or ritualistically.3

It is a pagan substitute, then, for man to either 1) literally cover himself in blood through violent murder or 2) in a purely symbolic way by participating in violent, blood-shedding murder vicariously through the watching of horror movies or visiting haunted houses. The poor co-ed on screen who is hacked to pieces by a freak swinging a machete serves as a psychological scapegoat [Lev. 16:8-10] for the guilt-ridden audience member.4

It is also common for pagans to either 1) literally eat the body and consume the blood of his sacrifice, as in the ritualistic cannibalism of the Aztecs5, or else he may 2) symbolically eat and drink the flesh-and-blood by visiting strip clubs (“feast your eyes on the flesh”), watching pornographic films (“skin flicks”), engaging in endless acts of sexual immorality, or by becoming ritualistically engaged in violent sports like football where men physically and symbolically beat each other into bloody submission.

Regardless, his cause in this is hopeless. As Sting sang in The Police song “Murder By Numbers,” murder “becomes a habit-forming need for more and more.” When man violates God’s law by committing murder in this atonement quest, he’ll discover that the blood of a single individual didn’t remove his guilt. Consequently, his appetite grows. Likewise, the same is true when he indulges in the passions of the flesh. Though sexual gratification may be pursued as some sort of cathartic release, the immorality of it breeds more guilt. The process repeats.

There is no amount of blood apart from Christ’s that can even come close to cleansing us of our sins. All other gods are false gods, and all false gods will develop an insatiable desire for the consumption of human blood — consider, for example, the modern warfare state which demands thousands of blood sacrifices from one “democratized” nation after another.

This ends part 2 of 4…


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