Nudity and Haunted Houses – A Terrifying Combination, Part 4 of 4


This article is Part 4 in a series of articles about the Biblical link between nakedness, blood, and monsters. It attempts to explain the fascination we have with haunted houses and, particularly in this case, co-ed nude haunted houses. This article puts it all together and presents the chilling conclusion.

[To read Part 3 about the theology of monsters, click here.]

Putting it all together

All those who hate God love death. (Prov. 8:36) Covenant-breaking men are submerged in guilt because they continually violate God’s law at every point, and the only way out of its curse is through the blood of Christ. (Gal. 3:13)

Those who remain unregenerate, however, seek, in their defiance, other sources of blood for atonement; they become fascinated with the macabre. Christ wants them to be robed in his righteousness, so instead they react against Christ’s desires and remove all of their clothes and embrace their flesh. Justification comes through faith (Gal. 2:16), but righteousness comes by obedience to the law. (Rom. 6:15-16) Covenant-breakers reject Christ, disobey God’s law and become slaves of sin. They turn into ethical monsters when they continually violate God’s law. That law, once broken, requires judgment to be visited upon he who broke it. The judgment is inevitable: there will be blood. It’s simply a question of whose blood.

A romp through a Halloween haunted house is a feeble attempt at securing atonement by being symbolically splashed in the blood of monsters and murdered victims and emerging from the other side with new life. Instead of paying for the sins themselves, the participants go through their own near-death experience, simulated by their extreme fright, in a pagan attempt at covenantal burial-and-resurrection. The monsters they see are men who have been transfigured into ghastly horrors by their rejection of God and disobedience to his law, and these monsters accordingly deserve death. They can be the substitutionary sacrifices whose blood is shed in place of the participant.

Going through the haunted house in the nude is a way to enhance the experience by stripping away all of your clothing to return to the complete vulnerability of the pre-Fall, Edenic world. “It’s about [us at Shocktoberfest] making you as vulnerable as possible so you can have a scary scary environment to enjoy a haunted house.”8 Being naked, man is most vulnerable to the dangers of the world. That is why God gave Adam and Eve a heavy-duty garment before sending them out of the Garden. Being nude and being scared will heighten the fear and perhaps garner greater atonement; it’s a heavier “cross” to bear. You scream louder, and your constitution is more deeply shaken. The relief on the other side becomes that much more fulfilling.

But the nude experience also allows man to engage the desires of the flesh, the chief of which, as Paul notes, is sexual immorality. (Gal. 5:19) Men and women are allowed to go in together if they are in the same group. Whereas the Christian seeks to maintain the purity of his robe of righteousness, the unbeliever seeks to revel in his filth like a pig in mud. This nude experience allows him to do just that, literally rubbing flesh upon flesh, further staining his (and her) garments with the filth of the flesh. (Jude 1:23)

A Complete Covenantal Rejection

Man’s fascination with horror, blood, haunted houses, and nudity is a  full five-point covenantal rejection of God9:

  1. Having rejected God’s authority, he instead becomes subordinate to Satan’s command. (Gen. 3:13)

  2. Man, then, becomes a representative of Satan in all that he does. (John 8:44) Having rejected God, he seeks to set himself up as a god.

  3. Without faith in Christ, Man disobeys God’s law and falls under its curse. Instead of putting on the robes of Christ and delighting in his law (Rom. 7:22), he tears away his clothing and embraces the sins of the flesh.

  4. To avoid God’s judgment, he seeks alternative sacrifices to assuage the guilt in his heart. He washes himself in the blood of these false sacrifices to try and pay the debt he owes and make himself clean. If God-ordained sacrifices were unable to take away sin, how much less defiled ones. The blood of bulls and goats reminded of sin; so much more does that shed in a pagan ritual. (Heb. 10:4)

  5. To gain eternal life apart from God, he consumes the flesh-and-blood of his fellow man in a feeble attempt to gain access to the life that is in the blood. (Lev. 17:10-12) His inheritance will not be eternal life in paradise, but eternal damnation in the Lake of Fire. (Rev. 20:15)

In man’s humanistic attempt to atone for his guilt, he simply incurs even greater guilt. A naked haunted house is a way for him to do that. He will baptize himself in the blood of ghouls, and through his pagan Communion experience he will drink in the flesh and blood of his naked companions. They will emerge together on the other side in new, resurrected life.

Or so they think. And that’s the true horror of it all.


8. “Halloween Theme Park Cancels Nude Haunted House,” FOX News Magazine, September 23, 2013, accessed October 7, 2013.

 9. For more about the five points of the Biblical covenant model, see Ray Sutton, That You May Prosper: Dominion by Covenant, 2nd ed. (Tyler, Texas: Institute for Christian Economics, [1987] 1992).


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