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Adam’s Sin, Contemplated – Is sin transmitted from parent to child? (The Roman Catholic View)

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Is sin transmitted from parent to child? Is the Roman Catholic notion of original sin true? Continue reading


Mass price inflation coming soon?


Is mass inflation on the horizon? Something remote is happening on June 5, 2014 that might have serious impacts to your daily life… Continue reading

Adam’s Sin, Contemplated – Do people die because of their own sins? (The Pelagian View)


Do people die because of their own sins? This is a question that gets to the foundations of Christianity. Continue reading

The link between Jesus, Circumcision, and the Bloody Bridegroom

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In a previous article, we explored the strange event that happened as Moses and his family returned to Egypt: God attacking, and trying to kill, Moses’ firstborn son, Gershon. We inquired about the foreskin and the blood. We left the article on a cliffhanger: what did Zipporah mean by her statement “A bloody husband thou art, because of the circumcision.” We’ll try to resolve that mystery in this article. Continue reading