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Biblical symbolism – when is it taken too far?

cover of biblical theology by geerhardus vos

Trees as symbols of men. The old covenant high priest as a picture of the redeemed man, dressed as a pomegranate tree. The tabernacle as the body of Christ, literally and figuratively. This is biblical symbolism, but can it be taken too far?  Continue reading


The One and the Many – Practical examples of this conflict from all areas of life

the one and the many image

The one and the many is a classical philosophical struggle that goes back to the most ancient of times. Which idea takes supremacy: the one, or the many? Which should we strive for: unity, or diversity? The problem’s still with us: politics, writing styles, religion, economics, and more. Even Star Wars. Here are some modern examples that show how this unresolved dilemma still plagues us today. Continue reading