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[image] Disputations on the Judicial Laws of Moses book cover by American Vision

The idea that the civil government should enforce the Ten Commandments and other Old Testament laws, like those that outlaw adultery and abortion, is repudiated by modern humanistic society. On this point, the Church and the atheists are in alliance.

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Book Review – Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church

crossed fingers book cover

Though this is a work of historical non-fiction, it reads like gripping historical fiction. It fascinates with its presentation of the drama surrounding the takeover of the most theologically rigorous — and one of the most visibly successful — Christian churches in the history of the Western world.

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Book Review: Is The World Running Down?

Christians ask “Is the world running down?”

Is The World Running Down? Crisis In The Christian Worldview

That’s the conclusion that the second law of thermodynamics, adapted to the universe as a whole, would have you believe. Rather, that’s the inescapable implication of the fate of the universe that modern “atheistic” science has generally confessed faith in.

What does such an idea mean for Christianity?

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