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The Covenantal Structure of 2 Corinthians


Many books of the Bible are written to conform to the five-point biblical covenant model. Ray Sutton has shown that 1 Corinthians conforms to the pattern (“Covenant Renewal,” Volume II, numbers 10 and 11). Now, I’ll extend his work and show that Paul’s follow-up letter does, too. Continue reading


2 Important Symbols of Liberty – One is already gone, but they’re incapable of taking the other

gold eagle

A video recently caught the attention of social media and liberal media outlets. It is pro-gun-control. A hidden camera crew set up a fake gun store in New York City and filmed customer reactions to stories of tragedies involving irresponsible gun use. The video does a good job of pulling the emotional heart strings. It employs rhetoric. But it runs short on logic.

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Why does Jesus being married, or not, even matter?

papyrus gospel jesus wife

If you don’t know the answer to this question, the liberals will tear your faith apart. It’s imperative that you immunize yourself against it… Continue reading

Pessimillennialism is lawless

Most Christians don’t see the link between their eschatalogy (their belief about the end times) and their outlook on life. Probably because most aren’t ever taught by their pastors or churches to consciously think about it. But being pessimistic about the future, which premillennialism and amillenialism are, leads, in principle, to a loss of personal responsibility in the present. This leads to covenant-breaking. Continue reading

The 3 basic things that make modern mass warfare possible

Do you know what they are? The textbooks praise them…but should you? Continue reading

Tithe – Did Jacob give his tithe freely, without being commanded to do so?


A previous article looked at whether Abraham tithed freely as a result of God’s promises. This article will examine a similar case: that of Jacob’s tithe. Did he tithe freely, without obligation? Continue reading

Is the kinsman redeemer law still in effect?

Israel Tribes

Is a brother still obligated to marry his brother’s wife if his brother dies? I was recently challenged on this issue by a reader who disagrees with my conclusion that the tithe is mandatory. “If the tithe is still mandatory,” he said, “then what about the kinsman redeemer law?”  This is a valid question. Continue reading