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God predestines, and men have free will. But probably not in the sense that you think.

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A reader recently posted a reply in response to an article I wrote. He said that someone who believes in foreordination and freewill is contradicting themselves. I’m saying that one who believes in the pagan version of human “free will” will find contradictions between human “free will” and God’s foreordination/predestination. And that’s by design. Continue reading


Eternal Election, by which God has predestined some to salvation, others to destruction

Man is morally responsible. Thanks to Reformed Memes Daily for the picture.

The title of this article is that of Book 3, Chapter XXI of Calvin’s Institutes of the Christian Religion. Right off the bat, he confirms for his readers what most people find abhorrent: God has chosen before the foundation of the world those who receive salvation and those whom he has predestined for eternal destruction.  Continue reading

If God has foreordained all things, does that mean we don’t have to evangelize?

Paul preaching to Athens, Acts 17:16-34

This question is a major one usually asked from one Christian to another when debating predestination vs. freewill. If God has predestined those who will be saved, why do we make alter calls? Why do we even need to evangelize? Continue reading

Are predestination and freewill logically compatible? Part 2 of 2


Are God’s predestinating individuals unto salvation and man’s freewill logically compatible ideas? This essay develops the freewill line of reasoning specifically and examines it from a purely logical perspective. Continue reading

Are predestination and freewill logically compatible? Part 1 of 2

God's foreknowledge

This is a hotly-contested topic, as it has been for hundreds of years. This is usually a debate between those Protestants descended from the Arminian tradition (who stress man’s free will) and Calvinists and Lutherans (who stress God’s sovereignty). Continue reading