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TV shows — Even the liberals laugh at how silly modern economic theory is

thewestwing_castI was watching an episode of The West Wing and was reminded of the tensions between non-Christian economics and almost-Christian morality. Whether it was intended or not, the internal tension was written into an episode and mused about on-screen. It is a critical issue of our day. Continue reading


Pessimillennialism is lawless

Most Christians don’t see the link between their eschatalogy (their belief about the end times) and their outlook on life. Probably because most aren’t ever taught by their pastors or churches to consciously think about it. But being pessimistic about the future, which premillennialism and amillenialism are, leads, in principle, to a loss of personal responsibility in the present. This leads to covenant-breaking. Continue reading

The Biblical Case Against Abortion

levated Baby (6-12 Months)

Does the Bible oppose abortion? If so, do you know what due penalty it requires?

The Bible makes clear what is required by law in two ways: first, it gives a general principle. Then, it provides case laws. The case laws demonstrate specific applications of general principles in narrow cases to illustrate broader concepts. Continue reading

Can Christianity and Gay Marriage Coexist in America?


Can Christianity and Gay Marriage Coexist in America? This is the question a blogger poses in his recent blog post. Let me pose a different, but similar, question to make the issue clearer:

“Can victim’s rights and legal thievery coexist in a society ruled by law?” Continue reading

The 3 basic things that make modern mass warfare possible

Do you know what they are? The textbooks praise them…but should you? Continue reading

QE3, the Bible, and Economics, Part 1 – A More Thorough Discussion

Chairman of the Fed, representative of the Big Banks

On September 13, 2012 the Federal Reserve announced that it would start creating $40 billion out of thin air each month to buy mortgages until the labor market improves “substantially.” Some people have nicknamed the policy “QEternity.Continue reading

$12,000 fine and 60 days in jail for hosting home Bible study group

Yes, you read the headline correctly. It’s getting bad out there.

Michael Salman is an ordained pastor. He has a house in Phoenix, AZ on 4.6 acres of land. He and his family began hosting a Bible study at home in 2005. Up to 15 people were attending then. His neighbors complained to the city about traffic congestion, so the city started getting involved.


Continue reading