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Why the end times won’t be like the days of Noah

In May of 2016, Billy Graham issued a familiar warning. He said “The Bible many times warns that toward the end of history as we know it, there will be a return to pre-flood conditions of gross sin and wickedness.” Problem is, he’s wrong. Continue reading


15 observations about the number eight

15 observations about the number 8

You need not be superstitious: numbers carry important meaning in the Bible. And why shouldn’t they? God created the concept in the first place. You may be surprised by the significance surrounding the number eight. Continue reading

Identifying Old Testament laws that remain binding today

israel map

Leviticus is a critical book. It’s common for Christians today to dismiss its continual relevance by simply asserting that every law in the book has been annulled. They may even assert this based erroneously on the fact that the book is called “Leviticus,” mistakenly on the assumption that it has to do solely with the priestly tribe of the “Levites.” This is probably because they’ve never actually read the book. Continue reading

The Covenantal Structure of 2 Corinthians


Many books of the Bible are written to conform to the five-point biblical covenant model. Ray Sutton has shown that 1 Corinthians conforms to the pattern (“Covenant Renewal,” Volume II, numbers 10 and 11). Now, I’ll extend his work and show that Paul’s follow-up letter does, too. Continue reading

If atheism were true, science would be impossible


We value scientific knowledge as the best and highest form of knowledge. A recent article written for National Geographic explained that “in this bewildering world we have to decide what to believe and how to act on that. In principle that’s what science is for.” But is science reliable? Continue reading

Improper use of biblical symbolism – an example

four humors as bowls of red, green, black, and yellow fluid - attributed to

To understand whether one’s application of biblical theology and its techniques of biblical symbolism are legitimate, it helps to see an example of what bad symbolism looks like. Here, we look at a medieval Catholic priest’s analysis of what beards symbolize.  Continue reading

Biblical symbolism – when is it taken too far?

cover of biblical theology by geerhardus vos

Trees as symbols of men. The old covenant high priest as a picture of the redeemed man, dressed as a pomegranate tree. The tabernacle as the body of Christ, literally and figuratively. This is biblical symbolism, but can it be taken too far?  Continue reading