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A Conversation With an Unbeliever

destroy foundations

The following conversation is inspired by true events — mostly conversations with unbelievers on Facebook. It’s not representative of any single person, but it’s a combination of many different conversations distilled into one that’s representative of the general content of the unbeliever’s arguments and reasoning process.  Continue reading


Problems For Unbelieving Worldviews

Problems For Unbelieving WorldviewsPart 5 of Dr. Bahnsen’s video lecture series (“Defending the Faith”) is called “Problems For Unbelieving Worldviews.” In this final lecture Dr. Bahnsen performs an exegesis of Paul’s defense of the Christian faith in Athens as recorded in the book of Acts, Chapter 17, verses 16 thru 34. He then describes four major, specific problems that unbelieving worldviews cannot explain or make sense of. Continue reading

The Myth of Neutrality

The Myth of Neutrality Part 1 of Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s video lecture series, Basic Training For Defending the Faith, is titled “The Myth of Neutrality.” The title sums up the lesson succintly: neutrality is a myth. Continue reading