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Biblical symbolism – when is it taken too far?

cover of biblical theology by geerhardus vos

Trees as symbols of men. The old covenant high priest as a picture of the redeemed man, dressed as a pomegranate tree. The tabernacle as the body of Christ, literally and figuratively. This is biblical symbolism, but can it be taken too far?  Continue reading


Book Review – Crossed Fingers: How the Liberals Captured the Presbyterian Church

crossed fingers book cover

Though this is a work of historical non-fiction, it reads like gripping historical fiction. It fascinates with its presentation of the drama surrounding the takeover of the most theologically rigorous — and one of the most visibly successful — Christian churches in the history of the Western world.

Continue reading

How to answer the fool who asks how a God who created evil can still be good

A common question that comes up from unbelievers is that if God is the creator of everything, then he created evil. The popular atheist George Smith phrases the problem this way: “…If God knows there is evil but cannot prevent it, he is not omnipotent. If God knows there is evil and can prevent it but desires not to, he is not omnibenevolent.” Continue reading

God predestines, and men have free will. But probably not in the sense that you think.

i do not think it means

A reader recently posted a reply in response to an article I wrote. He said that someone who believes in foreordination and freewill is contradicting themselves. I’m saying that one who believes in the pagan version of human “free will” will find contradictions between human “free will” and God’s foreordination/predestination. And that’s by design. Continue reading

Worldviews in Collision

Worldviews in Collision

Part 3 of Dr. Bahnsen’s video lecture series (“Defending the Faith”) is called “Worldviews in Collision.” In this lecture Dr. Bahnsen reviews the material covered so far and begins pulling it all together to describe the comprehensive conflict between the Christian’s worldview and all non-Christian worldviews. He reveals the general approach to evangelizing the unbeliever, with specifics to follow in the proceeding lectures. Continue reading

Introduction to Worldviews

Introduction to Worldviews

Part 2 of Dr. Bahnsen’s video lecture series (“Defending the Faith”) is called “Introduction to Worldviews.” In this lecture Dr. Bahnsen introduces us to the concept of a worldview and points out that everyone has one. This particular lecture is heavy on philosophy. Continue reading

Are predestination and freewill logically compatible? Part 2 of 2


Are God’s predestinating individuals unto salvation and man’s freewill logically compatible ideas? This essay develops the freewill line of reasoning specifically and examines it from a purely logical perspective. Continue reading