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Why hard work doesn’t necessarily pay


Minimum wage laws have been in the news lately. The talk is on raising the minimum wage to $15 per hour. Political slogans are invoked: “Living Wage.” Continue reading


Is the conspiracy view of history Biblical?


Conspiracies: should we believe in them, or not? Does Scripture? Continue reading

The link between Jesus, Circumcision, and the Bloody Bridegroom

marriage supper

In a previous article, we explored the strange event that happened as Moses and his family returned to Egypt: God attacking, and trying to kill, Moses’ firstborn son, Gershon. We inquired about the foreskin and the blood. We left the article on a cliffhanger: what did Zipporah mean by her statement “A bloody husband thou art, because of the circumcision.” We’ll try to resolve that mystery in this article. Continue reading

Why does Jesus being married, or not, even matter?

papyrus gospel jesus wife

If you don’t know the answer to this question, the liberals will tear your faith apart. It’s imperative that you immunize yourself against it… Continue reading

The lie that Christians should “judge not” – A short and summary dismissal of this humanistic infection


“Don’t judge me!” How often do you hear “Judge not!” when you condemn someone’s behavior? Maybe you have heard it so often that you no longer condemn anyone’s behavior to their face. Unbelievers of all kinds think they can shame you into disobeying your Lord by using his words against you. That’s because you don’t understand what his words mean. They know how to manipulate you. Continue reading

QE3, the Bible, and Economics, Part 5 – Entrepreneurship

Service to others

In seeking understanding of the effect that QE3 will have on our economy, this essay briefly discusses the function of entrepreneurship and the responsibilities of the entrepreneur. The most important person in the Bible justifies the existence of this role. Continue reading

QE3, the Bible, and Economics, Part 4 – Interest Rates

Expensive car. Did you get a good rate on the loan?

This essay relates the origin of Interest Rates to economics based upon the founding principles revealed in the Bible. Interest rates are a key component of any economy, but more importantly they are extremely important to the way you live your life. Continue reading