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“Cut up your Bible, remove God, and marvel in its new-found splendor” says this so-called Bible historian

Cutting up the Bible to remove God

This article is the kind of insidious drivel that Christians should vehemently denounce. It’s packed with a vile poison that compromises the faith of believers and serves to undermine the Church. Christians who believe this blasphemous prattle are at risk of becoming, at best, ineffectual Christians — which is precisely what Satan would like — or worse, from falling away from their faith entirely — which he would love even more. Continue reading


The Myth of Neutrality

The Myth of Neutrality Part 1 of Dr. Greg Bahnsen’s video lecture series, Basic Training For Defending the Faith, is titled “The Myth of Neutrality.” The title sums up the lesson succintly: neutrality is a myth. Continue reading