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Christian theologians: slaves to men


They have let us down. . . .  Continue reading


The case for giving only tithing church members the right to vote


I have written a few articles about the theological reasons why tithing is mandatory in the New Testament era, but it’s also helpful to explain some of the more practical benefits that accrue to the Church from setting up a two-tiered membership distinguished by a specific boundary: those who tithe and those who don’t. Continue reading

Evidence of life on Mars?

Aliens on mars

A news article titled ‘Strongest evidence yet to there being life on Mars’ was published at the Telegraph. It paints a picture that we are on the cusp of a monumental discovery. Continue reading

QE3, the Bible, and Economics, Part 3 – Free Market Economics

The Free Market Economy

In the previous essay I described the function of money as being a transmitter of value through time and space. You and I see this function manifested through the price mechanism of the free-market economy. Continue reading