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Superstitious Scientists

An evolutionary biologist has determined that religion, especially the “Abrahamic religions,” are superstitions. But there’s a flaw in his analysis. Continue reading


Soft tissues in dinosaur bones: a closer look at the philosophical conflicts

T.Rex at the Creation museum

Dr. Schweitzer has clearly shaken up the scientific community. She tossed a controversial hand grenade into the bunker of conventional evolutionary scientific thought, and now the scientists down in the bunker are frantically grasping around trying to put the pin back in before it blows them to pieces. Continue reading

Worldviews in Collision

Worldviews in Collision

Part 3 of Dr. Bahnsen’s video lecture series (“Defending the Faith”) is called “Worldviews in Collision.” In this lecture Dr. Bahnsen reviews the material covered so far and begins pulling it all together to describe the comprehensive conflict between the Christian’s worldview and all non-Christian worldviews. He reveals the general approach to evangelizing the unbeliever, with specifics to follow in the proceeding lectures. Continue reading